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We provide cleaning services covering the entire Turkey's megacity of Istanbul. We touch our customers with our online platforms and call centers in all areas of cleaning.

We bring our cleaning services to our customers with hundreds of contracted points and mobile teams in all districts of Istanbul. We are active 24/7 with our web platforms and mobile applications.


We have service points and serious business partners in all regions of Istanbul. We provide first class and quality services to our customers with our hundreds of mobile teams and professional employees. We continue with 100% customer right, without compromising our unconditional customer rights policy.

  • Carpet and Seat Washing:

    We offer these services through our contracted partners and expert staff on-site and paid service.

  • Home & Office Cleaning:

    We offer home and workplace cleaning services all over Istanbul with our expert teams. In addition to demand-based work for these services, we also carry out projects with permanent service agreements.

  • Honeycomb Cleaning:

    We offer quality service experience to all of Istanbul with our expert mobile teams in boiler maintenance and honeycomb cleaning processes.


    We also serve all Istanbul with our disinfection and pest control, disinfection and isolation units.

Working Style

In our project, we chose professional business partners for every region of Istanbul.

We instantly transmit the requests we receive from our customers via online platforms to our business partners and direct them to the service.

We guarantee all the services we offer. The satisfaction of our customers is more important than all the work we do and the profits we bring.

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