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NetUzman.Net is an affiliate of HNCGroup and we provide Software, Web & Graphic design services, Hosting, SSL, Infrastructure services.

NetUzman, It serves its customers with many opportunities such as web design, regular web process management, social media management, call greeting services.


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Reliable Infrastructure

You do not take any risk as the infrastructure we provide and the software we use are both secure and licensed.

Development Support

Software and applications prepared for your website also receive version updates. After-sales software support is unlimited.

Site management

If you wish, we can make regular data entries and updates of your site without the need for a staff with Continuous-Support agreements.

Data Security & Backup

Your data is protected from leaks and viruses. In addition, your system backups are taken on a daily and weekly basis.

SEO Optimization

Increase the visibility and popularity of your website with Seo optimization and detailing.

Budget Friendly Studies

Benefit from all of our services with budget-friendly facilities, Get future-oriented gains and savings in the services you receive.

Working Style

Net Uzman is a platform created with expert software developers within the HNC GROUP to serve external customers.

In addition to our affiliate companies, we offer software and design services to the majority of our business partners.

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You can create an appointment to our NetUzman Company by sending the details via the form. Or, if you wish, you can visit the website directly via the link below.

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