The HNC group continues its path, which started as education and health tourism in the 2000s, with many sectors and companies. It has adopted the principle of becoming a global brand and value.

The HNC Group of Companies is a multinational investment and capital company incorporating many institutions and organizations.

The HNC Group of Companies has 11 companies directly. and its investor or financier companies total 36.

HNC is the founder or founding partner of many companies in the sectors of education, health, finance, consultancy, real estate, technology, e-commerce, informatics, tourism and automotive.

Our mission

The main principle of HNC Group is to touch lives.

By absorbing the needs of the new century, it offers comfortable and professional services to its customers and business partners with technological solutions.

We always plan to explore the unexplored oceans with innovation and bring things to life.

We promise both our partners and our customers a safe, transparent and quality relationship in principles.

  • Quality and Reliable service
  • Transparent and Legal services
  • Advanced Organizations
  • The customer is always right
  • We Value People
  • We care about our employees

Our experience

Financial Expertise 96%
Enterprise Management 99%
Experienced Staff 91%
Customer Relationship 93%

Our team

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