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Connection point of hundreds of universities from all over the world. Study in your dream university and department.

Health & Medical

You can get every service from hair transplantation to aesthetics, from plastic surgery to health operations.

Realty - Real Estate

The best real estate in Turkey toparlıyoruz for you. Get professional service from our team that provides service and consultancy in all languages.

Service Industries
Temizlet-MontaJet YemekSirketim

Cleaning services, installation services, offer online services all over Turkey in many areas such as catering services.

Technology & Software
Lionar Teknoloji
NetUzman Bilişim

Technology and infrastructure services with Lionar. We offer software and digital solutions with Netuzman.


With Bueksik.com, our e-commerce operations continue in all areas from electronics to food, from furniture to consumer needs.

HNC Group Companies Working Summary

16 projects completed
94 workers employed
141 Special Agreement
28000 satisfied customers

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Due to the confidentiality principle, we cannot share the organizations that we invest in or finance.


Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, America, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, and all Africa

Turkish, English, German, French, Persian, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian

In countries other than Turkey, we are working with the partnership model rather than direct participation. We invest in your business or ideas.

To invest in your business or business ideas and to become an investor or business partner, you must first create an appointment form on our website. so we can host you in our plaza.


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